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Team Awesome: Bringing Joy Through Dance

     Team Awesome: Bringing Joy Through Dance

Empowering Inclusivity Through Dance: Our mission is to offer accessible Virtual Ballroom and Latin Dance classes tailored for individuals with Intellectual Disabilities. We believe in transcending limitations by creating a welcoming space where everyone, regardless of ability or location, can experience the joy of dance. Beyond fostering skills and confidence, we prioritize social connection, recognizing that life flourishes through meaningful interactions and shared experiences. Join us in celebrating diversity, breaking barriers, and embracing the transformative power of dance to enrich lives.


How You Can Make a Difference

Experience the Impact

  Witness firsthand the transformative power of our classes. Join a Live virtual session and discover the positive influence we have on the lives of our participants.

Contact us to schedule your visit.


Engage in Empowerment

Participate in our diverse range of workshops, exciting mini-matches, or fundraiser events. Your involvement directly supports the Team Awesome Project.

Register today!

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Sponsor a Dance

Generosity fuels our efforts. Every donation, regardless of size, is dedicated entirely to funding new classes and broadening our outreach. Become a sponsor and help us make dance accessible to all.

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Spread the Joy

Share our mission with those who could benefit from our program. Whether individuals or organizations, help us reach those who might find joy, empowerment, and community through dance.

Team Awesome Circuit

2024-2025 Season

Eastern United States Dancesport Championships,  Paradise Dancesport, Texas Lone Star, Virgina State Dancesport, Colorado Star Ball, Summit Dancesport, Tulip Classic, The DBDC, Philadelphia Dancesport  Championships, Boca Ballroom Dancesport Competition, Ultimate Dancesport Challenge, Dancing A La Carte

Making Dancesport Inclusive

 Forget limitations! Team Awesome Dancesport Circuit is where EVERYONE gets to bust a move. We're all about making dance inclusive for children and adults with intellectual disabilities.  Our dancers perform as a group, some in attendence and others from a there homes and projected onto the big screen, so no one misses out because of a mobility issue.  

Our journey and goals for 2024

Sponsorships Levels

Friends of Team Awesome (listed on website and on screen at competition)

$1-$100 -  Bronze

$101-$249 - Silver

$251 - $499 - Gold


Team Sponsor (one year)

$500 - Platinum - A local Community Living Group in your area

$1000 -  Titanium - Links to 3 Community Living Organizations in your area

Circuit Sponsors

 $2500 - Diamond  Presenting Sponsor at 1 competition

$5000 - Double Diamond Founding Sponsor - Recognized at all Team Awesome Events 

$15000 Triple Diamond - Titled Sponsor Team Awesome brought to you by Feel the party and YOUR NAME at all events.

Join Us in Embracing Inclusivness Through Dance!

We operate as a registered 501(c)(3) charity. Receipts for donations are available upon request.

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