Explore the world through music and dance

An upbeat and active program that energizes the body and stimulates the mind while engaging the students in a fun based activity of music and dance from around the world.

How it works

          - Live Virtual Dance Classes (30 min)

Each dance lesson gets the participants active.  They follow along with the instructor and learn fun dances to songs from countries all over the world.

          - Video Skits (3-4 minutes)

From step one children's interests are peaked about the origin country of the songs played in class. rom .  We further explore countries through humorous skit videos.  These entertaining videos give facts about countries in a fun way.  

          - Information Fact Sheets

The skit videos are accompanied with fact sheets to enhance retention of information about cultures around the world.

          - Quizzes

Quizzes are provided on each culture covered in order for teachers to have a tool to evaluate the students.