• Schools & Corporate

  • Schools

    The  dance programs are a great way to bring children together, to have them move and dance to different rhythms. They will not only get their daily exercise in but they will also experience team work, cooperation, respect, music recognition and communication.

    Programs like Zumba kids, hip hop and creative arts can be incorporated as part of the school day or offered as an after school or lunch program. We offer a series of flexible and affordable options to accommodate your needs.

  • Corporate

    Dancing and fitness are contagious experiences that will cause side effects like increased focus, coordination and  self-confidence. Give your employees the gift of movement!

    A dance or fitness class during lunch is sure to give the participants the boost of energy and fun that they need to effectively manage their daily tasks.  Our customized programs will cater to your corporate needs. Let us show you how to increase energy in your workplace. The first class is on us.

  • Did you know?

    • You can burn 500-800 calories in a one hour of Zumba fitness class. Some people report burning over 1000!

    • A ballroom dance lesson is the equivalent of walking for 2-3 miles.