• Kids & Teens

  • You are never too young to start ballroom dancing!

    Besides the many health and fitness benefits, kids that  ballroom dance have higher levels of achievement, personal development and self esteem. The sport of ballroom dancing  demands that the partners respect each other and work together and with their teacher to achieve their goals. Regardless of their age, the benefits of ballroom and Latin dancing for children become even more prominent with their progress as they learn to set goals, accept defeat gracefully and adopt a fair play, respectful attitude towards other dancers and colleagues, a skill for life!

  • Competitive

    Similar with the "Dancing with the stars" concept, children are being trained by a professional who is also their partner in dance competitions. This model not only allows a personalized learning path based on the children's natural abilities and learning pace but also gives children a safe, comfortable learning setting.

  • We want both boys and girls to experience the joy and fun of ballroom dancing.